Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey, PETA! Mythbusters proved plants feel pain

This morning, PETA fired off a letter to Vikram S. Pandit, CEO and director of Citigroup Inc., urging him and his fellow executives to replace their pricey steak and lobster lunches with healthy, humane, and cheap vegetarian fare. PETA's letter was prompted by news reports that Citigroup has been paying for its executives' extravagant dinners, first-class airline tickets, and other high-priced perks with a portion of the billions of dollars that the company received in a government bailout. In its letter, PETA points out that not only could the banking giant save money on its food bills by serving only faux seafood and fake steak in its executive dining room, it could also hold down its medical insurance costs by reducing its employees' risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, which are all linked to meat-eating.
Proving that you can serve your country without serving meat, Monterey-based Lt. Col. Bob Lucius has been chosen by PETA as the sexiest vegetarian in the U.S. Marine Corps. Lucius is among five winners (one from each branch of the military) in PETA's first-ever Sexiest Vegetarian Soldier contest, a tribute to all the men and women in uniform who are defending the country and animals at the same time. The Massachusetts native is the assistant provost and dean of students for the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey. He went vegetarian after seeing dogs used for food in Vietnam. (source)

Mythbusters ran tests that verified Cleve Backster’s research that plants feel pain.

When you chop the "head" off of a lettuce plant, you don't hear the screams of pain.

Give a voice to tortured plants.

Join PETP – People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants!

Be a carnavoire!


Anonymous said...

Three scientists ran a test disproving Backster and the Mythbusters' reasearch.

Here's a good place to learn more:

ALso, electrical responses to external stimuli are not neccessarily the same thing as pain. If they were, we would have to conclude ( that of all of Earth's metals, silver is in the most pain.

Red Heylin said...

Plants don't "scream with pain" according to Backster and those who have duplicated his observation - they "shut down".