Monday, December 29, 2008

Automaker unions are to blame

While unionized General Motors and Chrysler will receive billions in federal aid to avoid collapse, and Toyota is tabling plans to produce the ”green”Prius hybrid in Mississippi, Non_unionized Kia Motors remains on track to build a sport utility vehicle in Georgia.

Kia spokesman Alex Fedorak said production of the Sorento SUV is still scheduled to begin in November in West Point, a small city 80 minutes southwest of Atlanta.

South Korea-based Kia promises to create 2,500 jobs. It received 43,000 applications, Fedorak said.

The automaker’s suppliers could employ an additional 3,765 people in Georgia and 1,500 in Alabama, the Development Authority of LaGrange says. (source)

One of the worst Small SUV mileage-wise is the Kia Sorento LX with a 15 mpg. Yet KIA is selling enough that they are building a brand new plant.
Obama favors giving more power to unions.
And here is another story that shows America will not be "green" unless forced by Obama.

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