Sunday, July 29, 2007

Patton on current war on terrorism

Incredible editing job. Actor doing George C Scott’s voice is very good.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The HillaryCare zombie rises again

Congress is about to take another step towards implementing universal government healthcare, or as it's better known, "Hillary Care," when it reauthorizes the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) or Children's Health and Medicare Protection Act (CHAMP) as it's called in the House.

The vote on SCHIP in the House and Senate could occur as early as next week! Both the House and Senate versions unfortunately expand spending on the program as well as directly impact pro-family concerns.

Aside from the fact that liberals treat SCHIP like "Christmas in July", there are several concerns with the current versions of this legislation. The liberals in the House have included language in their SCHIP (a plan for kids) that would force states to pay for "family planning services," including abortion and contraceptives.

Representative John Dingell (D-Michigan) is also using SCHIP as a way to eliminate Title V Abstinence Education Funding. As Chairman, he deliberately excluded it from SCHIP in a blatant attempt to force the program to expire on September 30, 2007. Congressman Lee Terry (R-Nebraska), a longtime champion of federal abstinence education programs, will offer an amendment to reauthorize the Title V Abstinence Education program.

How do you kill a zombie? Besides electing conservatives!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Democrats, Aljazeera and YouTube debates on Iraq

US Democratic presidential hopefuls have taken part in the first campaign debate hosted by a video-sharing website, in what has been hailed as a milestone in bringing politics to the people. Broadcaster CNN teamed up with the YouTube website to host a debate with a difference, with ordinary Americans using their home videos to ask the questions of eight Democrats vying to be their party's preferred candidate.


During the debate, Obama took a shot at those who had given Bush the authority to invade Iraq, though he did not name either Clinton or Edwards. "The time to ask how we're going to get out of Iraq was before we got in," he said. Richardson said US troops had "become targets", and said he was the only candidate pledging to remove troops within six months. Clinton said US troops should be removed from Iraq "safely and orderly and carefully".

Meanwhile, a Washington Post/ABC News poll showed on Monday that nearly 80 per cent of Americans see George Bush, the US president, as too inflexible on the war in Iraq.

The democrats and Aljazeera say the majority of American are against the War in Iraq but only a couple of the 3,000+ YouTube questions were about Iraq. Based on how Reid and Pelosi whine about the people want us out of Iraq, you would think 80% of the questions would be about getting out of Iraq.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Radical math taught in your school?

The following questions are from CBEST.  The website says it does not evaluate how well a teacher can teach. But if they can’t answer these questions, I think it does evaluate how well a teacher can teach math.
Which of the following is the most appropriate unit for expressing the weight of a pencil?
  1. pounds
  2. ounces
  3. quarts
  4. pints
  5. tons

Rob uses 1 box of cat food every 5 days to feed his cats. Approximately how many boxes of cat food does he use per month?
  1. 2 boxes
  2. 4 boxes
  3. 5 boxes
  4. 6 boxes
  5. 7 boxes

At a college, approximately 2 out of 5 seniors go on to attend graduate school. If there are 750 seniors at the college, how many would be expected to attend graduate school?
  1. 75 seniors
  2. 107 seniors
  3. 150 seniors
  4. 214 seniors
  5. 300 seniors
Then you have radical math where social issues are equally or more important in teaching math. Is it being taught in your children’s school? These might be the same questions in a radical math class.
First consider how many trees are cut down to produce pencils and what that does to global warming. Then answer which of the following is the most appropriate unit for expressing the weight of a pencil?
  1. pounds
  2. ounces
  3. quarts
  4. pints
  5. tons

President Bush and the republican policies are starving children so they have to eat cat food to survive.  A black mother uses 1 can of cat food every 5 days to feed her family. Approximately how many cans of cat food does she use per month?
  1. 4 boxes
  2. 5 boxes
  3. 6 boxes
  4. 7 boxes

At a college, approximately 2 out of 5 rich white seniors go on to attend graduate school. If there are 750 rich white seniors at the college, how many would be expected to attend graduate school while leaving minority students in poverty?
  1. 75 seniors
  2. 107 seniors
  3. 150 seniors
  4. 214 seniors
  5. 300 seniors

UK Gun Control Failures: week of July 21, 2007

While England has some of the strictest national gun control laws, here is this week's list of UK violence that the laws didn't stop: In a country with tough gun control laws:
Five people have been arrested after a man was fatally stabbed at a house in a coastal town in Northumberland. Paramedics discovered the victim, whose name has not been released but who is in his 30s, after being called to the house in Waterloo Road, Blyth.

The family of a police officer stabbed to death in Bedfordshire have set up a campaign calling for harsher sentences for people convicted of knife crime.

Two armed men held up a Swindon bookmaker's and made off with a quantity of cash, police said.  The men walked into William Hill's in Cavendish Square on Saturday night and confronted two staff with hand guns.

A MAN aged in his 20s was killed yesterday after a double shooting outside a bar in south-west London.

POLICE are hunting two gunmen who opened fire in drive-by attacks. Shots were fired at Gillian Boyd, 40, and her teenage daughter through the window of their home in Newmilns Street in Darnley, Glasgow, at around 10:50pm on Sunday.

POLICE hunting the killer of a man gunned down in a busy Glasgow street said the attack was unprecedented in the west of Scotland.  Jim McDonald, 36, died in a gangland-style shooting after being chased by two men in a stolen Range Rover.

A MAN was being questioned last night following an armed robbery in which a Good Samaritan was shot. Police arrested the man yesterday over the shooting of Adam Mapleson, 24, in an armed robbery at Rayleigh, Essex, on Friday.

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl shot dead in her own home was last night named as Kamilah Peniston.

THE number of murders in Scotland has jumped by nearly a third in the past year, with an even bigger rise in fatal stabbings, according to new figures which deal a serious blow to the Scottish Executive's record on violent crime.

A 14-year-old girl has been charged after another girl was stabbed in the stomach at a school near Bristol. The stabbed girl, 13, is said to be in a stable condition in hospital after the incident at Filton High School

RAIDERS held a knife to the throat of former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona and threatened to kill her during a robbery at her home, it emerged yesterday. The singer, her baby daughter Heidi and husband Mark Croft were held captive by three masked thugs during the attack at their mansion in Wilmslow, Cheshire on Sunday night.

ALMOST one in three people hold a "weapon" in their home to use against intruders, according to a survey published yesterday. Cornhill Direct found that householders stored golf clubs, cricket bats and heavy torches close to their beds to use in self-defence.  Under UK law, anyone can use reasonable force to protect themselves or others or to prevent a crime. But it is for a court to decide whether violence was justified in a particular set of circumstances.

Violent crime rose by 5 per cent last year, with young men most at risk of being attacked, according to government figures. Vandalism rose by 10 per cent to more than 2.9 million offences, more than half being attacks on vehicles.

A murder hunt is under way after a 20-year-old man was shot in Plumstead on Saturday night. The victim has been identified as Abdala Jama, from Plumstead. A post-mortem examination conducted at Greenwich Mortuary yesterday gave the cause of death as a single gunshot wound to the abdomen. 
Source: London Times and the Scotsman and BBC News and Local London crime news

I am NOT advocating returning handguns to the british citizens but if the reason for gun control laws is to reduce violence and crime, the laws don’t work. How about treating the problems and not the symptom (guns)?

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Attempt to tax an industry out of existence

Congress is considering a 20,000 percent tax increase on expensive cigars. The proposed tax would be as high as $10 on some high-end stogies. The money would help fund children's health programs. But Marty Coville from Ye Old Pipe and Tobacco Shop says the tax is unfair. "You shouldn't pick on one group or one type of industry. If they're going to raise tax, why not raise it on everything instead of just cigars." Coville said he's getting a lot of feedback from his customers. "Most of them are very angry. Most are very angry about the taxes." He said it could also really hurt his industry. "It would actually curtail a lot of the sales here in the United States." President Bush says he'll veto the bill.

The tax is on most cigars not just expensive. And it will only hurt the poor that smoke cigars. Rich people like Rush Limbaugh will just pay the tax. Other rich and/or politically connected people will just continue to get their Havana cigars.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Iraq Good News propagana video?

 This YouTube video by REDVAND contains actual good news photos from Iraq. Is that propaganda?

Battle Hymn of the Republic was written more than a hundred years old so it is copyright free but apparently Joan Baez's music company scared YouTube into pulling this video because of copyright infrngement.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Freedom isn't free: 4th of July greetings from Iraq

    In 1776, our forefathers boldly signed the declaration of independence, standing up for individual liberty, freedom from tyranny and the basic human rights of mankind.  When they penned their names on that document in Philadelphia on July 4, each man knew he could be signing his own death warrant.  Yet, they stood firm in their convictions, fought for many years and finally gained their true independence.

            Today, America finds its sons and daughters in a different kind of fight, against an elusive, cowardly enemy who won’t stand toe-to-toe with our warriors, and who hides in the shadows and preys on the innocent and the unsuspecting.

            We fight a Global War on Terror, and here in Baghdad we are seeing signs that the Iraqi people have had enough of al-Qaeda and extremist, terrorist elements operating in their midst.

            In western Baghdad, Sunni residents in Abu Ghraib and Amiriyah have taken up arms against these terrorists.  They are tired of the senseless slaughter of innocence in their neighborhoods and they are making a stand.  In time, we hope that more Iraqis will throw off the yoke of terrorist influence, work together with the Iraqi government and Iraqi Security Forces and fully realize a new nation – free to pursue its own destiny in the world.

            Many Americans have given their lives in the fight for freedom.  From the Revolutionary War to this moment in history, America’s sons and daughters continue to selflessly serve their nation, sacrificing the comforts of home to take the fight to the enemies of our nation. 

            All of you should be extremely proud of your service to the nation, and the achievements we continue to build upon here in Baghdad.  I am very proud to call myself your commander.  We can all be proud to call ourselves American warriors; freedom fighters.

            Growing up, I think we can all remember simpler, more peaceful times. Many of us even marched in town parades down main streets waving the flag and meeting in some central place in the evening to view the splendor as fireworks lit up the night sky. 

            Those simple, peaceful times can never be forgotten.  We must cherish those memories even as today, with our nation at war, we look forward to peace again.

            Today, here in Baghdad we are in a fight for freedom – but it is freedom from fear, from terror, and from those with extremist ideologies who murder their fellow man in the name of their misbegotten causes.  We are America’s warriors.  We fight our nation’s wars.  Yet, we yearn for the quiet comfort of lounging with loved ones on an endless summer day.

              In American towns across the country, large and small, children will still march in parades waving small American flags.  Ice cream, barbecue and the gathering of friends and family remain the highlight of the day for many Americans this 4th of July holiday.

            It’s commonplace sight back home.  It’s simple.  It’s peaceful.  And it’s something we all cherish.  We will cherish it even more when we return home to our loved ones to again to experience it ourselves.
Maj. Gen. Joseph F. Fil, Jr. Commander, 1st Cavalry Division and Multi National Division-Baghdad

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ten Myths about Iraq

Myth #1: War in Iraq is “All about Oil”

  • Oil industry vital to regional & world stability -- and Iraqi prosperity
  • OIF not an effort to keep gas prices low; War in Iraq is all about freedom, democracy, self-determination and regional security in Middle East
  • OIF is combating religious extremists trying to terrorize the Iraqi populace and dictate political outcome thru terror and intimidation
  • Coalition efforts focused on providing security to a good and noble people/culture that has been subjected to 30 years of brutal repression
  • Leaving now would result in a huge human/Iraqi catastrophe: Brookings Institute: Pullout would result in 750K civilians casualties (e.g., Rwanda: 800,000 Tutsis slaughtered by Hutus in ’94)
  • Impact of failed state -- AQI safe haven in the heart of Middle East Is “escalating violence” a reason to leave? Encourage similar efforts elsewhere in world?

Myth #2: US is Fighting Alone

  • 26 nations contributing soldiers (approx 12K)
  • Largest contributors: UK, Australia, Poland, Korea, Georgia (Jun 07)
  • Non-US KIA (13 nations): 186
  • 40+ nations contributing contract labor (approx 80K)
  • United Nations Security Council Resolutions in support of OIF: 5
  • US Interagency: US State Dept, USAID, DIA, CIA, etc.
  • Increasingly capable Iraqi Security Forces:
    Iraq casualties: 8123 KIA, over 18K WIA in last two years alone Iraqi’s now have 329K security personnel (31 x IA Bdes, 9 x NP Bdes)
    9 of 10 Iraqi Divisions are now LEADING combat ops in their areas Iraqi’s established Baghdad Operational Command (BOC) and assumed command & control of Baghdad and Operation Fardh Al-Qanoon Iraqi training base now producing 24K soldiers/year and 26K police/year
    Ramadi Recruits: Nov 06 = 4, Dec 06 = 40; Mar 07 = 1500 in 3 days

Myth #3: Iraq engulfed in full-scale Civil War

  • War primarily a fight between religious extremists (Foreign fighters + suicide bombers + Al Qaeda) and coalition forces Baghdad + Al Anbar Province = still unacceptably high violence; other provinces relatively safe and secure
  • Majority of Muslims do not want to rule the world; most are peace-loving, hard-working people that to wish to live and work in safety and peace
  • Car bombs, road-side bombs and sniper attacks cause most casualties
  • Religious extremists not unique to Iraq -- Jim Jones, David Koresh, Eric Rudolph, Abortion Clinic bombers, etc.
  • Security improving with over 35 neighborhood police stations in Baghdad – markets, banks, restaurants, soccer games, amusement park

Myth #4: Iraqi’s Better Off Under Saddam

  • Since ’03 and the fall of Saddam:
  • Democratically elected representative government
  • Free Speech and Free Press (TV, Radio, Internet, Papers)
  • Rule of Law Complex bringing justice to Sunni, Shia and Kurd extremists
  • Free-Market Economy vs. State Owned Industries
  • Health Services: 25% increase in immunizations; measles reduced 90%
  • Sewer, Water, Trash: 20 projects ($10M) Providing water for 5.4M Iraqis
  • Electricity: Before Mar 03, most of Iraq had 4-8 hrs (outside Baghdad); Baghdad had 16-24 -- Now equally distributed, most country has 8-10 hrs --- 75% of Iraqis now get TWICE the power they did before war -- Demand for electricity since Mar 03 increased 70%
A portion of the 3704 completed projects include: 35 post office projects, 4 training academy projects, 93 fire stations projects, 155 border fort projects (278 Nationwide), 13 border points of entry projects, 36 courthouse projects, 32 hospital renovation projects, 51 Primary Healthcare Center projects, 981 schools (325K students) projects, 97 railway station renovation projects, 20 aviation projects, 6 port projects, 190 village road projects, 342 police station projects, 136 public building projects

Myth #5: Iraqi Government Ineffective

  • New government – only one year old; Dec 05 Iraqi voters approved new permanent constitution; working Constitutional Review and next round of provincial elections
  • Iraq convened a regional conf of 13 nations (12 Mar 07) – neighbors, US, UN, Islamic Conf, Arab League; agreements on security, imports, refugees
  • Key legislative accomplishments: Prime Minister’s Emergency Powers Renewal, Provincial Powers Law Council of Ministers Passed Hydrocarbon Law (equitable distribution of oil revenues) Feb 07; awaiting approval by Council of Reps -- Constitutional Referendum, Detainee Legislation Passed 2007 Budget ($41B) -- Budget Execution improvement Established Nat’l Ops Center, Energy Fusion Ctr, Rule of Law Complex
  • 4 of 18 provinces under Provincial Governor control for security

Myth #6: Economic Development Nonexistent

  • IMF projects 9% growth in economy for 2007; inflation cut in half to 34%
  • Saudi Arabia forgives 80% of $15B of Iraqi debt
  • USAID helping to develop and reopen many closed banks; many banks now turning profits; Japanese providing loan guarantees
  • Oil exports revenues = $33.4B; oil provides great opportunity to jumpstart economy
  • Developing transportation infrastructure to support economic growth

Myth #7: Contractors Cost Gov’t Too Much

  • 129K contractors: 21K US + 43K Third Country Nationals + 65K Iraqi (47K KBR -- formerly Kellogg Brown and Root)
  • General Trend: Services up, Costs down (experience, efficiencies, economies of scale)
  • KBR augments at least 50% of sustainment mission--invaluable service for down-sized military; provide continuity (many here 3-4 yrs); organic support would require 3X troops
  • KBR has received $19B since beginning of war (approx 5% total OIF costs)
  • KBR works on 1% fixed fee guarantee, 2% award fee possible (earned 88% of available award); max return on investment = 3% 121 KBR employees have received the prestigious Defense of Freedom OF medal

Myth #8: Troops Aren’t Properly Equipped

Coalition Forces are superbly outfitted
  • Body Armor for all deployed troops (stops small arms and shrapnel) & chemical protection
  • Over 25K Armored Vehicles in Theater; no troops off base w/out one
  • Hummer – now on 6th major iteration of improved protection
  • Route Clearance Equipment Cougar, Buffalo, MRAP, Frag Kit #6 Steady stream of technology insertions and new developments
  • Tactical advantage thru Own-The-Night technology
  • High Quality-of-Life in operating bases
  • Iraq Security Forces (Army + Police) are well equipped as well: ISF forces equipment improving constantly -- $7.3B in 2007
    Vehicles & key weapons: 3500 x UAH’s, 500 x Cougar & BTR-80 light wheeled armor vehs, 900+ mortars
    Aircraft: 80+ helicopters, 3 x C-130 multi-purpose aircraft 1200 cargo trucks delivering supplies daily (800 from Kuwait, 200 from Jordan, 200 from Turkey)
    400,000 meals served at DFAC a day. Feed Alexandria, VA
    1.3M gallons of fuel consumed daily – enough fuel to fill the tanks of 87K typical mid-sized cars (over 50,000 vehicles in theater)
    Produce 2 million bottles of drinking water daily.
    Produce 9M gallons of bulk water every day – enough to fill 450 residential swimming pools (approx 40 gals/person/day)
    465 tons of ice per day – that’s 1.4 pounds of ice per soldier 2.8 million pieces of laundry daily – enough clothing to outfit every person in the city of San Francisco
    400,000 lbs of mail each day in December. Dec = 50 lbs/person

Myth #9: Morale is Low

  • The NEW Greatest Generation (18-30 years old): Tough, committed, adaptive and professional fighting force – representing you well
  • Disciplined and compassionate; don’t pull trigger indiscriminately, go overboard to protect citizens and respect Islamic culture
  • Sign of soldier morale = high retention rates
  • Re-up rate continues to far exceed objectives
  • Retention “simply astonishing” (GEN (Ret) McCaffrey)
  • Troops have seen the polls and realize most Americans
  • evidently don’t support the war – but appreciate the strong support
  • Amazing outpouring of mail, packages and messages from CONUS Reaction to troops in uniform transiting airports returning from Iraq
  • Anti-war messages usually not projected against troops

Myth #10 -- The Biggest Myth: We Have Lost

  • New Operational Scheme getting more troops into Baghdad (US + Iraq = 87.5K): Operation “Fardh Al-Qanoon” (FAQ)
  • First time, enough troops to Clear – Control – Retain – Build Ensuring security by increasing permanent presence in key Baghdad neighborhoods
  • Establishing over 75 Neighborhood Police Stations (Iraqi Army + Iraqi Police + Coalition)
  • Securing markets – life returning to city (parks, shops, restaurants, etc)
  • National Tips Hotline – all-time high
  • Iraqi gov't supporting significant military actions in Sadr City for first time
  • Decline in ethno-sectarian incidents (26%) since FAQ initiation
  • Iraqis have committed sizeable numbers to the fight (Police + Army) = 329K
  • Tribal resistance to Al Qaeda in Iraq, especially in West; Sunni tribes supplying young men to IA for the first time; AQI, “A War Against All Iraqis”
  • Extremist Shiite militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr in hiding and we are working with Shiite Mayor of Sadr City, his old stronghold
Brigadier General Steve Anderson, Deputy Chief of Staff Resources and Sustainment Multi-National Force-Iraq
(Information above was taken from his powerpoint slides. He would have given more details behind each slide.)

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