Thursday, November 09, 2006

The election's effect on the War on Terrorism

On the day the liberals gained control of the Senate in addition to the US House, our office building had it's first bomb threat. Way to go liberals in protecting us from terrorists.

Someone called a bomb threat into the national headquarters of one of the building's tenants. They evacuated all of their facilities including our building in Chicago.

What is not funny is that our building had no procedures for handling a bomb threat. No announcement. No alarms. Just word of mouth to leave the building since the threatened tenant left the building and didn't tell anybody else.

Our eleven story building is clad in metal and glass. Everybody sat or stood ten feet away from the building. People were strolling in and out of the building. The "all clear" was also by word of mouth.

Apparently, the police only checked the floors of the threatened tenant. The bomber wouldn't plant a bomb on one of the other seven floors or in a vehicle next to the building.

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