Monday, August 22, 2005

Food Police: Study compares Oreo cookies and addictive drugs

The Chicago Tribune is doing the following series. THE OREO, OBESITY AND US: PART 1 OF 3 Craving the cookie The brain is wired to love sweets, but are they addictive? America’s iconic cookie captures the nation’s burgeoning dietary dilemma. Brain research finds much in common between junk food and addictive drugs. THE OREO, OBESITY AND US: PART 2 OF 3 As fat fears grow, Oreo tries new twist Kraft's push to build a billion-dollar brand collides with the obesity crisis, forcing changes in junk-food marketing THE OREO, OBESITY AND US: PART 3 OF 3 Reinventing the cookie How foodmakers remake the same old fattening fare Three oreo cookies have the same amount of calories as which of these foods? A) A head of lettuce B) A slice of cherry pie C) 40 baby carrots D) A doughnut The answer is found someplace here. Whether it is fruits and vegetables or oreo cookies, you overeat and you will gain weight.

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